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Stephen Fear’s visit to Ark House is a huge hit with customers

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When Stephen Fear visited Ark House he shared his life story and passed on ten key lessons he has learned.

Bromford CEO, Philippa Jones said of the visit: “We had a fantastic time at Ark House with Stephen and his son Leon Fear who is also his business partner today. Loads of our customers got involved prepping food and while we started to get cooking underway, Stephen told his life story - and it is a really inspirational life story and absolutely underlines what we’re all about in unlocking potential. He was a brilliant role model for the young people and they just loved hearing his story of growing up on a Bristol council estate, not having a proper education or going through any of the classic routes to success that you would expect. He’s a self-made millionaire and a man with a real social conscience so, in terms of unlocking potential, we couldn’t have picked a better person to inspire our young customers.”

The room was packed as Stephen held everyone’s attention with his experiences. Here’s what some of our customers said:

"I expected the day to be really boring, but they all smashed it today – it was awesome, and Stephen is a top man. I thought Stephen was like an old version of us living at Ark House."

“It was a great opportunity to work with Stephen and Leon in the kitchen as I love cooking and was interested to see how they were going to make their curry. I also had the chance to make them pancakes which was cool.”

“I get really nervous around people but I wanted to hear Stephen’s story and so came for the day; to be able to sit and listen about where he started has motivated me. He made us all feel at ease and the curry was wicked!”

“Stephen is inspirational.”

BBC Radio Gloucester interviewed Stephen on the morning of his visit. You can listen in below: