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Welcome to the Innovation Lab

The content in this article may now be out of date. Please try searching for a more recent version.

Today, Bromford launch the #BromfordLab, our hub for innovation.

We want to change the way we work, and be a force for good for all social business.

We want to build a creative network which thrives on creating new solutions.

  • All interested people should apply via Twitter using the account @paulbromford. Interest doesn’t have to be registered publicly and can be sent by direct message (DM). If you want to apply publicly then please use hashtag #bromfordlab
  • Direct messages should point us to sites and useful links that demonstrate your social CV
  • Experience must be demonstrated via web content – i.e. blogs, community involvement, endorsements, news articles and other searchable publications. It is acceptable to group these links together into one site as long as it is public.
  • We will use Google and/or other search engines for publicly available data.
  • We would expect interested parties to be able to demonstrate social influence within their relevant communities. Evidence of being an influencer in the digital, design, data or innovation communities is welcomed.
  • During the selection period, we will select people for chats via Google Hangout. In the event of high demand we will use a shortlist criteria based on the fit with the person profile as demonstrated via Social CV.
  • All people will be advised about their progress. All expressions of interest will be logged to ensure we get back to people.
  • Your expression of interest will not be shared publicly unless you make it public.
  • People who want to proceed after the Google Hangout will be given details of a second stage.

Whether you think you can help us with your wealth of experience, or whether you've got lots of new ideas and enthusiasm, we want people who can help shape something... well... innovative!

And of course, if this way of recruiting doesn't work, it doesn't matter. It's just part of experimenting in the lab.

For more information on how we're recruiting and the #BromfordLab,
visit Paul Taylor's blog