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'Tree' is the magic number

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In the past we’ve only responded to ‘issues' with our trees when someone gives us a call, however we’re about to change all that. 

We teamed up with Treewise Solutions Ltd who mapped all of our whopping 35,000 trees. They inspected and risk assessed all of our trees to identify where they are located, their species, age, height, diameter and what condition they are in (like if they were diseased or needed more work).

This has given us lots of data for us to crunch through, but will ultimately mean we take even better care of our tree stock. Rather than waiting for your calls, we’ll be our visiting our trees regularly and carrying out any recommended jobs.

This research will also mean you will only need to contact us if there is a genuine health and safety risk, like if the tree is growing dangerously or has fallen. You can contact us in an emergency on 0330 1234 034.

Just a quick note, some customers may recieve a letter from us soon asking permission to pop-in and visit our wooden friends if we couldn't gain access during our initial research. Don't worry, this is just so we can make sure they're healthy.

In the time meantime, here are some of our our favourite stats from the research...

Click on the image below to see the hi-res infographic.

Magic tree pic