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Meals for under a fiver

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It's the end of a busy day of work. The traffic is piling up, the air is cold and you can feel your home calling to you. That's when you have that sudden realisation that you have nothing in for tea. You don't want to break to bank at the shops but you need enough food to make a good meal.

If that particular scenario comes up again, or if you would just like to make the most of your money at the shops, check out these recipes for meals under a crisp five pound note.

1. Mexican beef stew


Want a twist on the classic beef stew? Then add some braising steak and chillies to create this warming tea time treat. It takes 15 minutes to put together and just a couple of hours to cook.

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2. Spicy leek, lentil and potato soup

                      Spiced leek, potato and lentil soup image

                                    (Image via

It's lunchtime and soup is the only thing your stomach is craving. Throw together this soup which can feed a family of four for under a five this weekend. Why not serve it with some bread or a warm naan?

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3. Toad in the hole

                      Toad in the hole  

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How about just a classic. Pick up the sausages you wish to use. Add some flour, milk, eggs and vegetable oil and you're on your way to making a dish which has nothing to do with it's title. It takes 10 minutes to prepare and half hour cook. Just enough time to get in an episode of Friends.

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4. Mac N' Cheese


                                       (Image via

Not to be confused with the failed TV show Joey starred in Friends with his robot sidekick. This american classic only takes a few ingredients, serves four and can be cooked in the time you watch that actual episode of Friends. 

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5. Bananas with chocolate sauce


                                          (Image via

Now for something to finish off your meal. This recipe only costs 84p per serving and you can use it to try to get away with saying that you're having one of your five a day.

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