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Up your friendly

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This week is Parkinson’s Awareness Week and as part of their campaign, Parkinson’s UK are asking us to help make the UK a friendlier place.

Is there something that you could do to help out a neighbour? Could you hold open the door or give your seat up on the bus for a stranger?

There are around 127,00 people in the UK living with Parkinson’s – that’s about one in every 500.

People of all ages are affected but the majority of people who get Parkinson’s are over 50 and the symptoms can be very different for everyone.

The main symptoms of Parkinson's are tremor, rigidity and slowness of movement but as symptoms of Parkinson’s can be different for each person diagnosis is not always easy and some of the symptoms could be mistaken for something else; some people with Parkinson's say that they have even been accused of being drunk.

The #upyourfriendly campaign by Parkinson’s UK aims to raise awareness of how difficult everyday tasks can be for someone living with the condition. Offering help, or just giving someone a smile, can make a difference and maybe we could all make an extra effort to be friendly.

If someone is struggling to pack their bags at the supermarket or taking their time to get onto the bus,  instead of being impatient, tutting or pushing past them, why not think about helping them – or at least giving them a little time and space?

By helping others, not only can we make their life a little easier, we can make new friends and encourage happier, more inclusive communities.

Be friendly or the bears might just come for you...

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