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Getting back into the school routine

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It was one of those days you dreaded as a kid. Not a trip to the dentist or an important exam. But the first day back at school after the six weeks holiday!

Where did the time fly by? One minute you’re watching cartoons with the whole holiday ahead of you. Next, it’s that Sunday night feeling. The big day awaits and you think of all the things you could have done that you didn’t over the summer holidays.

With the kids going back to school, it’s time to get them prepared and back into a routine. For many children, they will be starting a brand new school and the prospect of this can be quite scary. I’m sure many of us have experienced a first day at a new school.

To get back into the rhythm, here are some tips to help get you ready for the new term…

Get back into a sleeping routine

As it’s the holidays, you might have let your kids stay up a bit later and have a bit more of a lie in. Now it’s time to get them back into the routine. A couple of days before they are due to go back to school set them a bed time and an alarm for when they need to get up. This will get them used to being back into a sleeping routine.

Visit the school

Are they going to a new school? They could be stepping up a year or starting a new school all together. Visit the building to get your child used to the surroundings. Go on the route that they will take. Whether it’s by walking, bus or car. Get them used to the journey they will take each morning.

When’s lunch?

Having a young child go to school for the first time will mean getting used to a set routine of lessons and lunch breaks. Children might ask during the morning when lunch is. If you have the time before the term starts, try to find out when the lunch break will be at your child’s school and set lunch at home at the same time. They can then concentrate on their lessons more than their stomachs (unless they’re looking forward to something yummy that is!).

Buddy up with a classmate

Do you have a neighbour or friend who is going to the same school or is even in your child’s class? Arrange to meet up before the big day. Or even if school has already begun, try and arrange a get together. If it’s a new school, your child will then recognise someone familiar when they are walking between lessons. They could even travel together on their way to and from school.

Settle the nerves

The first day of school can be quite a scary prospect. Sit down and talk about their concerns and fears. Not being scared of the first day is easier said than done. Even we you start a new job or meet someone for the first time, the butterflies can still be there.

Could you set up a treat for after the first day or first week of school? It could help your child and motivate them through a tough few days.

Three cheers for school

Try to change the mentality when it comes to going back to school. Having a positive outlook on their return will be better when you need to get them out of bed on the first day.

Try to throw out some phrases when around the house. Talk about how they’ll be seeing their friends again and the cool new subjects and lessons they will be having.

Homework time

There’s nothing worse after being back from the first day of school and then being given homework! All you want to do is get back home. Start a routine of your child carrying out their homework. The last thing you want is being told that they have a big project due in the next morning when they have had weeks to do it.

One way you can get the homework done is for any work to be carried out as soon as they get home. Then, they have the whole evening to do what they wish. Or, set a 30 minute window to play games or watch TV, then after the 30 minutes are up, its homework time!


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