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Check your boiler for the winter

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Now that we have entered into September, the autumn is just around the corner. The nights start to draw in, the weather gets colder and the Christmas cards are now available to buy in the shops. Something you may not have thought about though is your heating.

You haven't had to use your heating over the summer and the difficult decision will now be coming up of when you should start putting it back on. Straight away or use a jumper as long as possible? But, you need to make sure your heating works first. The last thing you want is a bitterly cold day and your heating doesn't turn on.

Before you call us to report a repair, did you know that there are some faults which you could fix? This could mean that you won't need to wait in for an engineer and you can carry on with your day.  

Here our Bromford surveyor show's you the different checks you can carry out on your boiler. Have a watch:

If you've tried these steps and your boiler or heating still doesn't work, then contact us straight away on 0330 1234 034.

Make sure you get your heating ready for the winter. Find out more here.

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