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UK raises flag for Armed Forces

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The countdown to the 2014 Armed Forces Day began this week with councils across the UK raising the official flag on Monday, and today, reservists across the country will wear their military uniforms to work with pride.

Officially taking place on Saturday 28th June, Armed Forces Day aims to raise public awareness of the contribution of our Armed Forces, as well as giving the nation an opportunity to show support for those who make who make up the Armed Forces community such as those serving, their families, veterans and cadets.

First launched in 2009, this year’s national ceremony will take place in Stirling, but communities across the country are holding their own events and parades. To find your nearest event you can check the Armed Forces Day website or check your with your local council.  

Today also marks Uniform To Work Day (UTWD), when some of the 30,000 military Reservists don their uniforms to help highlight how ordinary community members go the extra mile for their country. 

Reservists are men and women with full time jobs who give up their spare time to train and work alongside regular Army, RAF and Navy personnel, and UTWD gives them a chance to share that work will colleagues. 

Becoming a reservist gives many people new skills that actually end up benefiting their career. Not only can becoming a reservist benefit your job prospects, it will also gives you access to some of the amazing adventures members of the armed forces experience. 

At Bromford, communications specialist Jarrod Williams volunteers as part of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets, a youth organisation for 13-20 years old run by adult volunteers, and is also wearing his uniform today. 

“Although I’m not an operational reservist, volunteering with the Air Cadets as an RAF Officer has still been massively beneficial for my own personnel development, which ultimately benefits my work.”

Jarrod is the Officer in Charge of 888 (Oldbury) Squadron, but also acts as the Media Comms Officer for Staffordshire Wing Air Cadets. 

“I’ve received leadership and management training from the Royal Air Force and get lots of experience of working with the media in a different environment than I would do at work. It helps keep my skills fresh.

“Bromford has been fantastic at supporting my training in the Royal Air Force. It’s a fantastic place to work.” 

Of Course, part of Armed Forces Day is also raising awareness of veterans and their contribution. Many troops leave their service suffering from the effects of conflict and many struggle to adapt to ‘civvie street’.  

Bromford’s support services help a number of ex-regular armed forces personnel through drop-in support. This could include helping them to find a home, handling a tenancy, managing their money or dealing with disabilities. 

If you know someone who may benefit from Bromford’s support, you can visit our info pages HERE, or search our services HERE