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How to deal with hayfever this summer

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Anyone else got the sniffles? With summer in full swing, the pollen count is high and anyone with hayfever will be feeling the negative effects of the summer sun.

According to the Met Office, 1 in 5 people in the UK suffer with hayfever.

If you’re someone who has been turning away to sneeze, preventing a runny nose and suffering from itchy eyes, check out these tips to help combat your summer enemy.

Check the pollen count

Search online to find out how high the pollen count will be for the days ahead.

You can find a pollen forecast from the Met Office here

Close your windows

Close windows in your home and car to help reduce pollen getting in, especially in the evenings when pollen which has been up in the air starts to fall to the ground.

Drying your clothes

Try to avoid drying your clothes or bedding outside when the pollen count is high. This will get onto your clothes and bedding and can continue to affect you at night.

Avoid the early mornings

If you can, avoid being outside between 5am-10am when the pollen count is at its highest. Easier said then done but having windows closed can help reduce your allergies.

Protect your eyes

If your hay fever affects your eyes, wear sunglasses when outdoors.

Have a wash

Wash your face after you have been outside to help wash away any pollen you have been in contact with. When you return from work, change your clothes and put then in the wash. This will wash away any pollen you have been in contact with.

Work out in the evening

If you like to go for a jog or exercise at the gym, try to go in the evening when the pollen count has lowered.

Avoid drinking Alcohol

Although it could be tempting on a warm summers evening at the beer garden, alcohol such as beer and wine contains histamine. This is the chemical that can trigger pollen symptoms.

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