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The Spirit of Bromford

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What makes somewhere a great place to work? To find out we asked our colleagues to share their thoughts, experiences and stories to help us capture the spirit of the people who make up Bromford.

I started working at Bromford in November 2009 after having a very varied and colourful working career including being a croupier, sales rep, bailiff, kitchen maker and security depot manager.

I realised immediately that this company was very different to anywhere that I had worked before and have often questioned what makes it so different.

The obvious answer is the people but I’ve worked with lots of great people in previous jobs and the companies didn’t feel like Bromford.

So what makes us so different?

To find out we have asked our colleagues to share their thoughts, experiences and stories to help us to capture the spirit of those who make up Bromford.

We all have a skill, talent or passion for something and we asked for heartfelt messages, funny stories or inspiring quotes and anecdotes to share on social media to show what an inspirational and amazing bunch we have here.

Colleagues were asked if they would like to share their proudest moments, best memories, heroes or their hopes and dreams. They could tell us about favourite films, books or musicians – their pets, families and hobbies.

They could also share greatest achievements or biggest challenges that they’ve faced either at work or in their personal life -anything, in fact.

The idea is to show that we are all individuals with varying experiences of life but collectively have come together to create something quite unique - take a look...

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