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As we return to normal, here's how you can contact us:

We are now starting to contact customers to rebook missed repair appointments.

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On Sunday 12 September, ITV broadcast a documentary that focused on issues with condensation, damp and mould across the sector.

A Bromford customer was featured as part of the programme which also included a comment from Bromford's executive director of transformation and compliance, Paul Coates. 

Paul has made further comment and you can watch the video or read the transcript of his response.

Paul said: "Further to the ITV programme last night, I wanted to give you an update of where we are at Bromford. What we are doing, because the programme highlights significant failings within the social housing sector. One of Bromford's own cases was also highlighted in that programme.

"So I wanted to talk a little bit about the Terrie Pring case and how we worked with Terrie and how we responded to that, and then explain a bit more generally about what we're doing, as an organisation, how we're investing in our homes, but also how we're building new homes to respond to the housing crisis. Off the back of the programme, I spent a lot of time talking to Terrie to understand her experiences, what it was like to live in a Bromford home and to make sure that not only does Terrie not have to experience what she went through, but also no other customer does, too. We worked very closely with Terrie. We carried out a number of repairs on the property to improve the ventilation, to ensure that the moisture within that home was being extracted from the property.

"And we've done that. We've completed that. And that's gone well. We are absolutely prioritising investing in our customers' homes. We recognise that's one of the most important things that we do as a business; to make sure a home is a home that is secure, is safe, and it's warm. This year alone, we're investing £42 million to ensure those homes meets the requirements that we set as an organisation to make sure the aspirations are being met of our customers. We're also investing £10 million to ensure that those homes are warm, efficient and actually affordable. As well as investing in existing homes. building new homes is also important.

"The programme highlighted the housing crisis. We know there is a shortage of affordable accommodation and we as an organisation are absolutely committed to playing our role in responding and addressing that. What I also want to say is that if you are a customer who is experiencing damp and mould or you have any worries or concerns or issues please get in contact with us.

"It is something that we recognise is important to customers, it's something that we are committed to putting right.

"And if you have those worries or you have those concerns. Talk to us. Talk to your neighbourhood coach, and we will make sure we follow those cases up. Thank you."

If you have any concerns about condensation, damp or mould in your home, please visit our dedicated hub of information.