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With energy bills on the rise and winter upon us, we scoured the web for those quick and easy changes to keep your home toasty and warm whilst saving money in the process. 
As part of our new Money Matters campaign, here are our eight top tricks to be aware of:  Money matters campaign text
1. Break the 'standby' cycle 
According to The Energy Savings Trust, up to £80 a year is wasted in the average home due to appliances left on standby – that’s a whopping £227m in total! The worst offending appliances, and where you can make the best savings, are televisions, set top boxes, and phone chargers so get into the habit of switching off at the wall. 
2. Bleed your radiators 
It’s a good idea to bleed your radiators once a year, even if they seem to be working properly. Trapped air can lead to radiators feeling warm at the bottom but cold at the top and this can mean it takes longer to heat your home. 
3. Switch to a smart meter 
Smart meters show you exactly what energy you’re using in £ and p, helping you spot trends and new ways of saving energy. They also help energy companies predict how much energy the country needs, reducing waste in the UK’s energy system. 
4. Tweak your thermostat 
If you feel you can, turn your thermostat down by 1C and only heat the rooms you are in. Living rooms usually feel perfectly warm at around 19-20C, whilst bathroom’s and children’s bedrooms are often best set slightly higher – somewhere between 18-24C. 
5. Get creative with interior design 
Valuable heat is often absorbed by furniture being positioned in front of radiators, making rooms feel colder than they perhaps should. Is it time for a rejig of furniture to ensure you’re heating your home most efficiently? 

6. Sunlight, doors, and curtains are your friend 
Drawing curtains when it starts to go dark and shutting doors inside your home to keep the heat in is a simple but effective idea. Conversely, letting the light in and making best use of that winter sunshine to heat your home during the day can help you avoid needing to turn on the heating unnecessarily.  

7. Let there be light 
The clearest way to save electricity is to make the switch to energy-saving lightbulbs, and to turn lights off when not in a particular room. If you have small children, you can even make a fun game out of it! A win-win on all fronts!  

8. Being clever with your fridge/freezer 
It’s sensible to defrost your freezer every so often to keep it running efficiently. If you are putting hot or warm food away, let it cool before placing inside your fridge or freezer. And if you’ve used up all of your freezer stock before the weekly shop, why not switch it off completely, even for a few hours?
If you are struggling with your energy bills, please speak to your energy provider or Citizens Advice. We are also here to help and your neighbourhood coach is always on hand to answer any questions or steer you in the right direction. 

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