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We’re joining forces with Staffordshire Police and Lichfield District Council to tackle knife crime in the area.

The Lichfield District Community Safety Partnership is working to highlight and reduce knife crime in the area, as part of a national campaign. We joined local officers and the council’s safety and park teams to search hedgerows, shrubberies and other locations where knives may have been left. Lichfield Litter Legends will also be on hand to help remove any litter found along the way.

Sergeant Edward Ford from Lichfield Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “I really welcome the support from all the partner agencies. Overall knife crime in Lichfield District is low and we are committed to making sure it stays that way. Although we don’t have any specific information or intelligence about a particular area we’re searching, we know that in the past weapons, including knives, have been hidden in public areas with the intention to retrieve them at a later date.

“This is why we’ve got a policing operation order for this week of intensification and are targeting a number of known sites to help keep our district safer.”

Councillor Angela Lax, Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet Member for Regulatory, Housing & Health, added: “Partnership work is really important as park staff and housing teams are the eyes and ears out in the community. We are really pleased to be working with the police on Operation Sceptre as we all want a safer district that is free of illegal weapons.”