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Woman shopping with trolley and listWhen the Government announced that elderly people and those with underlying medical conditions should remain at home to reduce the risk of them catching the coronavirus, Margaret Fox knew what she had to do.

The Frampton Cotterell resident immediately contacted her neighbours to see if there was anything they needed to help them get by, while they remained safe in their homes. So for the past month, she’s calling neighbours every day and making daily trips to the local village shop to get the essentials, as well as carrying out a bigger weekly shop on behalf of some of her neighbours in her cul-de-sac. She’s even been cooking an evening meal every day for one neighbour.

Looking after people is second nature for Margaret, who’s lived in the street for more than 20 years and used to care for her parents.

“If I can help anybody I will, that’s just who I am,” she said. “If there was someone whose car had broken down in the street right now, I’d go out with some jump leads and help them.

“I’ve got some neighbours who are elderly, so I’ve been checking in with them, seeing if they need anything. I go out shopping once a day for people and I do a bigger weekly shop as well. I’ve been cooking tea for one of my neighbours as well as they’re not very well.

“I’ve got lovely neighbours down our street and I love it here.”

Neighbourhood coach Catherine Sweeney said: “Margaret’s been totally amazing, she is a real community asset by supporting and checking on her neighbours and our customers. It’s really bringing the community together.

“Margaret didn’t tell me what she had been doing it when I called her, I only found out when I was completing wellbeing calls to our customers and many of them said how amazing she has been and were full of praise for her. She’s just doing it for pure generosity, with a kind heart and caring for her community and I think that’s absolutely lovely. She’s a wonderful lady and as a customer lives the Bromford DNA.”

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