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A customer who works for the NHS wrote to us recently to say how well supported she felt by colleagues across Bromford throughout the coronavirus outbreak.

Tracey Holt is a continuing healthcare (CHC) administrator in the Birmingham and Solihull area. As a key worker, it’s been an especially busy time for Tracey, given the urgent guidance coming through from NHS England for adults, children and on personal health budgets.

After executive director of customer experience, Paul Coates, issued an email to all customers updating them on what we’re doing to support them during the outbreak, Tracey felt compelled to email us back with a message of thanks.

Tracey HoltIn the midst of anxieties around coronavirus, Tracey feels that looking to each other will help us all to get through the pandemic. “Bromford have been really helpful in keeping its customers up to date about their services,” says Tracey, who lives in West Bromwich. “From any problems around paying rent, to how to access their website for helpful advice and regular updates, and getting all the latest information from the government for customers and landlords.”

“Luckily enough I haven’t had to contact my neighbourhood coach for help during the pandemic. However, I’d like to express my deep gratitude to Peter for his generous support over the years when I have needed it. Thank you!”

Neighbourhood coach, Peter Titley, worked closely with Tracey when she landed her new job in the NHS. “I spoke to Tracey to help identify how we could best support her through these changes concerning new payments, pay dates and also benefit changes. What’s been great is to see Tracey grow and progress in her NHS career - so it’s been a pleasure to support her in this way.”

Tracey also gave us an insight into life within the NHS during coronavirus, saying they were able to mobilise home working very quickly for those whose roles allowed them to work in an agile way. “Equipment was put in place very quickly to support our clients and we’ve worked with them to identify different ways to continue to deliver what we do to make sure local priorities can still be delivered.”

“It’s been a strange adjustment for some of us, and the organisation is committed to ensuring that we have everything we need to enable us to work normally as possible, given the circumstances.

Everyone is working incredibly hard, and at a pace and I can truly say with the patience and compassion we have towards each other I am very proud to be a key worker for the NHS.

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