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With 14 February coming up, your better half isn’t the only person who could be feeling the love this Valentine’s Day. Often it’s the perfect opportunity to shower your home with attention too and brighten up those dark winter evenings with some simple but effective home touches.

So if you’re in the mood for sharing the love but need some inspiration, check out our five easy ways to spruce up your living space without breaking the bank.

  1. Sofa becomes snuggle seat
    Invest in new cushions, throws and blankets to transform the look of your sofa and make it far more inviting for those romantic snuggles with your partner. Rich colours and textures can add a real feeling of opulence and leave your furniture looking and feeling brand new.

  2. Get in the mood
    Dimming the lights can immediately add an element of warmth and intimacy so why not temporarily switch to softer, filament style lightbulbs? Another option is the new LED candles which are a great alternative to the real thing and, crucially, won’t present a fire risk in your home.

  3. Spice up your decorations 
    Whether it’s painting one wall red to create a vintage look, attaching thoughtful DIY wall décor, or buying some cute table displays, adding a splash of colour can quickly change the atmosphere in your home. Red is the colour of love but don’t overdo it – other colours to consider include soft pinks, pastel oranges and light purples.

  4. The look of love
    A new feature mirror doesn’t have to be expensive but can really refresh the whole look and feel of your home and add a focal point to your main living space. It can also be a useful addition if you’re intending to take any romantic selfies to share with your friends and family on social media.

  5. Say it with flowers 
    Last but certainly not least is the number one Valentine’s Day gift. Guaranteed to brighten up any room, you can also delight your other half at the same time with a delicious floral smell. These can be easily ordered last minute from any local florist, supermarket, or online retailer.

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