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Bromford’s new multi-million pound retirement living scheme in Stourport has the “wow factor” according to soon-to-be residents.

The 27-month project reached its conclusion this week with local media invited along to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the finished Tan Lane site in all its glory ahead of the first residents moving in from the end of April.

The £10.5m investment has involved the fitting of 61 kitchens, 30,000 roof tiles, and 16 balconies, ably led by a team of 130 construction workers and around 30 different contractors along the way.

Trevor and Valerie Bradley, who are moving from their 3-bedroom Kidderminster home after 34 years, were the first couple to reserve an apartment back in September. They said they had been looking at moving to a retirement living scheme for quite some time but everything they had found previously either didn’t meet their needs or was too expensive.

“We wanted a lift as my mobility isn’t what it was and a lovely big balcony was also a massive attraction and this really does tick every box – we couldn’t have wished for more,” said Valerie, a former research consultant at Birmingham City Council.

“We’ve obviously looked around School Gardens before but today with the sun shining through and all the finishing touches made we’ve really seen it in all its glory and to tell you the truth we are pretty flabbergasted.”

Trevor, an ex-building surveyor, added: “From November until now when you have the darker nights, you can go weeks without seeing anybody whereas School Gardens is going to be a real community. I think we’re going to love it here and it’s just a shame we couldn’t have moved here 10 years ago.”

Village hall

Dorothy and Colin Darby, who will be next-door neighbours with Mr and Mrs Bradley, said School Gardens had the “wow factor” and that they hadn’t yet told their neighbours they were leaving their Stourport home of 46 years.

Mrs Darby said: “In October we weren’t even looking at moving and then one day I aggravated my sciatic nerve walking up the stairs and I turned around to Colin and said ‘right, this is our last winter here’.

“In January we looked at two other options but they looked really old and depressing. Then we visited the Tan Lane site and once we got outside Colin turned to me and said ‘I could move in their tomorrow’ and he’d never said anything like that before.”

The former cancer nurse specialist added: “We regularly holiday on the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship and we really felt we were given the same standards when we came here. In fact, we haven’t booked any holidays this year because we feel like it’ll be like an extended holiday coming here. I think once we move in and start talking to other residents there is so much opportunity to develop clubs, committees and activities – it really has that wow factor when you walk in and we very much see it as moving from one community to another.”

Sales and marketing director, Penny Downing, said: “This has been a real labour of love for the past two to three years since inception and we’re really proud of the finished product and can’t wait to welcome the first of our customers from the end of next month.

“We like to see our retirement living schemes as having a village hall at their heart and many of the features and spaces inside School Gardens are multifunctional to promote this community ethos as customers build new and lasting relationships in this next chapter of their lives.”

An official opening will be held this summer. Prospective residents are encouraged to ring 01299 669940 or visit this page for further information.

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