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We’re pleased to announce some exciting news that will help to further strengthen the new Bromford.

As we all know, our partnership with Merlin will enable us to grow, offering us the opportunity to help more people to build and rebuild their lives, whilst also allowing us to increase the number of new homes we will be building over the next 10 years.

Tewkesbury-based Severn Vale Housing (SVHS) has been looking to join a larger organisation for some time and they see the partnership between Bromford and Merlin as the perfect fit…and we’re very happy to say that they are planning to join us in 2019.

CEOs Philippa Jones from Bromford, Robert Nettleton from Merlin said:

“This is a very exciting opportunity to both help us to extend the benefits of Bromford’s neighbourhood coaching approach to more people and more communities, and deliver even more new affordable homes.
“When we announced the Bromford Merlin partnership, we described how it would enable us to make an even bigger impact in the communities where we work, and we are delighted to say that Severn Vale have also decided that this is an opportunity they want to be part of.

“Severn Vale’s operating area sits right in the middle of Merlin and Bromford’s and is an area where we already have a significant presence as a landlord. SVHS joining the new organisation will further strengthen our leading position throughout Gloucestershire enabling us to offer more to the communities and stakeholders we are all working with.”

CEO Tim Knight from SVHS added:
“Severn Vale has been seeking the right opportunity and organisation that will strengthen our ability to deliver more for our customers and maintain our commitment to the local Gloucestershire area. Bromford and Merlin are already committed to the area and we see that by joining together we will be able to make an even greater impact both through building more new homes in this growth area and through extending the neighbourhood coaching approach supporting people to improve their lives, using our combined financial strength to invest even more in our customers and their communities.”

This is really positive news for all concerned and we’re looking forward to working together as the new Bromford continues to build on all our strengths.

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