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Tom is now back on track with his life after being homeless at 16

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Tom Devey, 22, from Perton in Staffordshire became homeless at the young age of 16. He said: "My stepdad had just moved in and we really didn't get on - we were at each other's throats every day."

The situation became unbearable and after initially spending days at a time out of the house, Tom was left with no option but to leave home altogether.  He sofa surfed from place to place but had no certainty over where he was going to sleep each night. He had just a coat and a backpack with friends helping him with food and a bed when they could.

Tom slept behind bins at Spar and had to rummage in those bins for food. "I once went three days without eating or drinking," he said.  He walked aimlessly during the day, becoming increasingly exhausted with lack of sleep and warmth.  He suffered from depression, followed by suicidal thoughts. Tom took tablets and self harmed, even holding a knife to his throat every night; but couldn't go through with it. He was left with no support from family or friends, no money and no clothes.

It was when Tom was at rock bottom, that Bromford provided him with a roof over his head, helped him pay his bills and ultimately brought him back to normality. Bromford helped Tom move on from his past, and supported him ready for his next big step in life: "I am never going back to being homeless again," he said.

Tom is now rebuilding his relationship with his family and friends and was recently reunited with his grandparents.

"I've got to look to the future, it's all good now. I never would have believed I would have made it this far four years ago. If I hadn't been offered the support and accommodation by Bromford I would be six feet under by now."

Written by: Bethany May Ashley, work placement student


To download a PDF of Tom's story, click here.


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