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Leading by stepping back

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For some time we've been working at establishing a different kind of relationship with our customers.

The Bromford Deal is about encouraging customers to think about their hopes for life in their new home. Again and again customers tell us how they see their new home as a place that's safe and secure; a springboard from which to grow and achieve a range of aspirations for themselves and their families.

We have been testing new services designed to help our customers overcome barriers to achieving their goals. But we have also been exploring the potential of a more asset based relationship, where customers and colleagues focus more on what customers and their communities can already do and how the sharing of gifts and talents could be amplified by Bromford playing an enabling role.

William Lilley, our new ventures manager, has been delving into the whole area of ABCD (Asset Based Community Development) and has published a fascinating guide to asset or strengths based approaches in partnership with the National Housing Federation and the Clore Social Fellowship. You can read his guide ‘Leading by stepping back’ and watch the films here