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Swap your home in Stroud

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Are you looking for a new home?

You may be affected by Bedroom Tax and you're looking to move into a smaller home?

Or you may have had a new addition to the family and you're looking to move into a bigger home? You may just want to be closer to family, friends or make your commute to work shorter?

Well if you live in Stroud and you answer yes to any of the questions above, then the following event may be up your street.

Bromford have teamed up with Stroud District Council and GreenSquare to give you a chance to find your ideal home. You will meet others who are looking to find a swap and you could find a match.

There will also be advice on transferring your home from the Housing Advice Team and Tenant Services at Stroud District Council. There will be help at hand to register with Homeswapper, a national online mutual exchange service.

The event is being held on Thursday 10th July at the Subscription Rooms in George Street (GL5 1AE) between 2pm-5pm.

If you would like to find out more, you can contact Stroud District Council Tenant Services on 01453 754876 or email

If you are not living in Stroud but you would like to find a swap, we have a range of advice and information on our website. Check out our Moving Home section for more details. To find out more, click here.