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Complaints are important to us. We need to know if our service goes wrong, so we can put things right, learn from our mistakes and take action to prevent it from happening again.  

How to make a complaint 

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If you need support to make your complaint, find out how the Housing Ombudsman can help.

  • Stage 1 – we will investigate and respond to everything you raised in your complaint in 10 working days. 

    If you're complaint is complex we may talk to you about extensions on the above timeframes.

    Stage 2 – if you’re not happy with our first response, we will review our stage 1 response to see if we can resolve things for you again. If we can’t, you can request a stage 2 review which involves a senior manager and a member of our Customer and Community Influence Network. We aim to complete a review and respond within 20 working days. 

    If you're complaint is complex we may talk to you about extensions on the above timeframes.

  • If you remain dissatisfied after you’ve been through our complaints process, you can contact the Housing Ombudsman or refer your complaint to a designated person. 

    You can contact the Housing Ombudsman in the following ways: 

    Please be aware you normally have to wait for eight weeks after you have received our final response to your complaint before the Housing Ombudsman investigates the complaint. However, they may support you to try and reach a solution prior to this as part of their early resolution approach. For more information read their guidance on early resolution.

    You can also refer your complaint to a designated person, such as an MP or local councillor. They can help by trying to resolve your complaint or can refer your complaint direct to the Housing Ombudsman without having to wait for eight weeks. More information about using a designated person is available on the Housing Ombudsman website 

  • Complaints offer us the chance to examine and investigate areas where we are not providing services to the high standards we expect. We will take the learning from the mistakes we make to ensure we continually improve our services and the things that are important to customers.   

    Colleagues right across Bromford are involved in managing, responding and reporting on complaints, including our board, executive team and senior managers. Customers are also involved, through our Customer and Community Influence Network which receives regular reports on our complaints performance and helps us to complete regular self-assessments against the Housing Ombudsman’s Complaint Handling Code. 

    You can also read a summary of our annual performance on complaints in our Annual Review for Customers.

  • Read our previous self-assessments:

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If you make a complaint or enquiry we may collect and store personal information in relation to it. We will keep your information secure and use it only for the purpose it was collected. Please see our privacy notice for more information.