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The Customer & Communities Influence Network is a team of eight committed customers who influence customer-facing strategies and policies across Bromford. It is a unique opportunity for customers to contribute to the design of new and existing services by helping shape Bromford's understanding of what life is like for them as customers. 

It is chaired by Board member Sarah Simpson and is supported by contributions from senior Bromford colleagues including Paul Coates, executive director of customer experience and Carl Sautereau, director of customer experience.

The Customer and Communities Influence Network maintains strong links to the Board to challenge the business, ensuring we’re delivering what we say we will as well as offering value for money.

What does customer Carol Moore think of being involved?


Calling all customers!

Customers get involved for many reasons, the most common reasons include: 

  • Holding us to account.
  • Embracing and promoting the values of social housing.
  • Learning new skills through doing and training.
  • Gaining new experiences, meeting new people and keeping your mind and body active.

If you're interested in getting involved, just fill out the form below and we'll be in touch.

Latest Updates 

CCIN contributes to COVID discussions - 5 May 2020

Bromford’s response to COVID-19 was the most important item for discussion at the Customer and Communities Influence Network meeting in May.

Paul Coates explained how Bromford swiftly reacted to the crisis and decided based on Public Health England / Government / Regulatory guidance which services would have to either stop, decrease in numbers or continue. For example, lettings was highlighted as an area where the level of service had to decrease in frequency but still remained open for those in vulnerable situations such as customers suffering from domestic violence or homelessness. Going forward customers were informed that level of services will change depending on national guidance with the safety of customers and colleagues always at the forefront of any decision making.

The discussion was engaging and of great value to how Bromford continues to support customers going forward. Customers constructively challenged Bromford on its long-term commitment to supporting customers in financial difficulties due to COVID-19. Customers said they were pleased with Bromford’s consistent response to supporting customers with money worries. Customers gave positive feedback on the frequency and quality of communication issued by Bromford to support everyone in uncertain times (for example, targeted emails from Paul Coates, improved web-site content and use of social media). Bromford colleagues explained there will be some critical learning to take forward after COVID-19 to help raise customer advocacy levels. The human centred approach during COVID unsurprisingly has worked very well.

Sarah Simpson chaired the CCIN meeting for the first time after being recruited as a new Board member in early April. Sarah has worked within many customer service and experience roles and she continues to be influential in helping organisations better understand their customers, identifiy priorities for improvement and implement change. Responding to the challenge of not being able to meet in person it was also the first time that CCIN colleagues and customers met online using video conferencing. The experience was good and both colleagues and customers felt it would be worth replicating again.