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Service updates

As we return to normal, here's how you can contact us:

We are now starting to contact customers to rebook missed repair appointments.

Service updates here


Welcome to the Annual Review for Customers

A welcome from Rohini

Welcome to the 2021 customer annual review and what a  Rohini Mehra chief customer officer at Bromford
year it has been. I don’t think any of us quite predicted the longevity of the global pandemic and even more than before, our priority throughout has been to keep customers and colleagues safe whilst delivering as many services as possible. We focused on emergency repairs until we were able to resume a full service in March 2021, and this meant we ended the year with a backlog on day to day repairs which we are now dealing with. Please read on below...

 The full customer annual review is available to read now.


Our performance stats

Number of homes: 44,962.85.1% of customers would recommend us. Our target 85%.

Number of new homes built: 902.Number of customer contacts: 374,688.

86.5% of customers agree our services are easy to use Our target: 85%.87.5% of customers are satisfied with their repairs to their home. Our target is 85%.

Customer contacts resolved first time: 88%. Our target: 80%.Number of repairs completed: 102,793


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