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Create your space

Planning a new room design and visualising the space in a room before you decide to take the next steps to buying your new home can be challenging. There are so many great room design ideas that can be used for inspiration, but it can be difficult to know what will work in your room. Taking some time to plan and decide where you want to put everything over a cup of coffee can really add to the excitement of moving home.

With our room planner, you can figure out the best way to lay out your space. We have templates in feet and metres for you to use, and there's even one for your children to start planning their bedrooms too meaning the whole family can join in the fun. Simply download and print the template you want to use, sketch out your room space, cut out the furniture of your choice and let the planning begin.

We're still here for you.

If you’re taking the time during the coronavirus lockdown to start thinking about moving home later in the year, our sales team is still here for you.

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