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Last month, Bromford's involved customers visited Hampton Close in Cadbury Heath, as part of our ongoing regeneration efforts in South Gloucestershire.

Construction began in April 2023 to regenerate Hampton Close, replacing 24 homes and a block of 10 garages with 44 new affordable homes. The development is now taking shape, including eight one-bedroom flats, 18 two-bedroom houses, 16 three-bedroom homes, and two four-bedroom homes, all available for rent through the council’s HomeChoice system.

Accompanied by Regeneration Project Manager, Noreen Twomey and Customer Involvement Officer, Delphine Guillemoteau, two of Bromford's involved customers, Roger Chillcott and Gerald Woodman, were treated to a special tour of the site. Their feedback and enthusiasm about the progress made has been invaluable.

Despite facing challenges such as bats, slowworms, and historical obstacles linked to the area's coal mining legacy, our teams have remained committed to progress. From reinforcing foundations to ensuring safety and quality at every turn, we've navigated hurdles with determination.

A highlight of the visit was reconnecting with Gerald Woodman, a former resident of Hampton Close now residing in a Bromford bungalow. Gerald was amazed by the new two-bedroom homes, especially the one built where his old house once stood.

Gerald, said: "I am so impressed with these homes. They are very smart and well-designed. The gardens are spacious with lots of room, and the addition of off-road parking adds convenience. The solar panels are fantastic; they don’t just benefit the environment but also help residents cut down on energy bills." 

Noreen Twomey shared insights about the regenerated Hampton Close, including the impressive Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings received by most homes. Noreen, said: "It's truly remarkable to see that all of the homes on this site - except for one - have achieved an A EPC rating. This is significant for incoming customers, as it translates to savings on energy bills which Bromford will be monitoring over the course of their first year of occupancy. It's not just about sustainability; it's about making a real difference in the lives of our customers."

There has been overwhelming demand for these homes, with an average of around 120 bids per property, highlighting the urgent need for social housing in the area. It's reassuring to see that Bromford's social rent model is resonating with people.

Our visit to Hampton Close served as a powerful reminder of the importance of our mission - to build not just homes but thriving communities.