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In a landmark achievement for workplace development, Bromford has been awarded Silver membership of The 5% Club, joining the ranks of organisations that includes; B&Q, Boeing UK, and Network Rail. This accolade reflects Bromford's commitment to fostering a culture where continuous learning and professional growth are at the heart of the Bromford 2023 – 2027 strategy.  

A year after joining The 5% Club in 2022, the 2023 Employer Audit revealed that Bromford's workforce stood at 1,804, with 52 engaged in 'earn and learn' schemes putting Bromford in a strong position relative to other participating organisations, demonstrating a solid commitment to the Club's goal of having at least 5% of member’s workforce in such roles within five years of membership. 

A diverse range of talent formed the makeup of Bromford’s apprentices and graduates. With women and ethnic minority groups individuals well-represented among the 46 apprentices and 6 graduates. 

The data speaks volumes, with a notable 64% of Bromford's apprentices completing their programs, and an encouraging 67% moving on to further their careers, showcasing the effectiveness of Bromford's developmental programs. 

This achievement not only marks Bromford's present successes but also establishes a commitment to ongoing progress in the realm of 'earn and learn' opportunities, aiming to build a workforce that reflects the full spectrum of society. 

Steph Foster, Bromford’s Leadership and OD Manager, reflected on this milestone with enthusiasm: 

Receiving the Silver membership from The 5% Club is indeed fantastic news. It reaffirms our dedication not just to our workforce's growth but also to the broader development of our communities.

Bromford's recognition by The 5% Club is a clear indication of its drive towards creating a learning environment that fosters both individual and community advancement, ensuring a brighter, more capable future for all.

Bromford will be recruiting for graduates in January 2024 and apprentices in February 2024. 

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