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Fresh from a radio interview, we caught up with the woman who had a dream and got there. Bromford customer, mental health carer, and now “feel good” author, Gina Bains. Gina went from feeling “negative” to writing feelgood books...

  • Shops like Amazon, WH Smith, and Waterstones stock both of Gina's books 
  • One reader says as they got reading, it just put a smile on their face
“I was feeling negative myself and seeing incidents and things that other people went through… I just wanted to write and try to see which ways I could help other people as well”

That feeling of “negative” is a feeling lots of us can relate to, right? Some experts promote the power of understanding negative thoughts and being able to focus instead on the positive, and for Gina, she did this by writing a book.

A book where it’s character and hopefully the reader go on a journey from negative to positive.

In the book, the character is given a neckless. And yes in the real-world things like necklaces aren’t always given to us, but other things are. Maybe a smile, a message to a friend or a donation of your time to a charity. It’s our choice and these gifts - however big or small - can make a difference in all of our lives.

It’s this message that the book highlights and like the neckless in the story, the book does seem to be bringing positivity into people’s lives. As Gina proudly recalls:

“One person said to me, I was feeling so sad and depressed I just picked up your book. And as I got reading… it just put a smile on my face”.

I get the impression that it’s comments like this that make Gina most proud. And as she explained at the beginning, a reason for writing the book. To help people.  

Not content with just one challenge though, Gina’s now in the middle of the promotion of her second book. And with shops like Amazon, WH Smith, and Waterstones already stocking both her first and second books, it’s clear to see her determination is paying off.  

As our conversation comes to a close, I ask what’s next? A deal to get the book turned into an animation is Gina’s reply. And with talks to a producer already in play, let’s assume we’ll be watching her stories on the big screen sometime soon.

Final thoughts

Writing a book could be a scary thing, but Gina just went for it. What’s the end goal? And how can I get there? It’s certainly not by doing nothing, it can be by setting yourself small, achievable goals and working positively towards them.


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