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Say HELLO to those great people in our content team

It's always nice to put a face to an email address, so we thought it would be great to show you the people who might pick up the phone or reply to your email.

If you need to get in touch with us you can call the press office line on 01902 396820 or drop us an email. Alternatively, have a read through our mini profiles below and feel free to contact one of us directly. You can also tweet us @Bromford.
We’re always around to help with your enquiry, but if some reason you can’t get in touch with us – give us a call and you’ll be directed to the on-call communications colleague.

Interested in guest blogging?

We're always looking for guest bloggers to help fill our site with original interesting and informative articles and opinions on the many areas we work in at Bromford, from personal experiences to news and reviews. Interested? Then get in touch letting us know what you'd like to blog about.


Title:  Head of Communications
Name: Alexandra Green (nee Abbotts)
Contact For: Anything for BromComms.
Loves: Sunshine, my dog Odie, people.
Hates: Marmite, Llandudno, peeling oranges.
Direct Line:  01902 396829
Twitter: @Al_Green247


Title:  Communications Manager
Name: Jarrod Williams
Contact For: Social media, our website, and anything content. 
Loves: Italian food, buffets, general eating is a hobby.
Hates: Spending hours in the gym maintaining the above hobby. 
Direct Line:  01902 396824              
Twitter:  @JarrodWilliams