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Philippa Jones

Our executive team

Philippa became Chief Executive in January 2015 after holding leadership roles across Bromford for over 26 years.

She describes herself as a calm revolutionary, someone who is fascinated by people and passionate about seeing them unlock their own potential.

Philippa’s philosophy is to continue to take brave decisions as we have done over our 50-year history, something she refers to as ‘courageous continuity.’

Her early management career was in retail, followed by the Citizens Advice Bureau. She moved into the housing sector in 1988, joining Bromford as an area housing manager and holding a variety of roles before establishing our supported housing business and more recently leading our new homes activity. Philippa holds an MBA in Public Service Management.

Proudest moment

Since joining Bromford in 1988 I’ve worked in nearly every team in the organisation and I have proud moments from all of them but the privilege of inheriting Mick Kent’s legacy as Chief Executive here has to top them all. I’m excited to have the opportunity to lead the amazing Bromford crew on the next stage of our journey and I’m sure we will share many more very proud moments.


I’m going to focus on heroines as they still too often get overlooked or sentimentalised. Sandy Toksvig, who is great at reminding us of some of these women, recounts how Florence Nightingale, christened by the press as the Lady with the Lamp, was actually known by her patients as the Lady with the Hammer because she was never averse to smashing through locked doors to get at supplies she needed – now that’s what I call removing barriers! So I’ll go for the bravery of Rosa Parks for her willingness to put herself at risk for the civil rights cause.


Philippa is a member of the following committee:

  • Nominations and Remuneration Committee (for Nominations matters only)