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Leadership and governance

Strong, agile leadership is at the heart of our culture.



For us, governance is all about protecting the interests of the organisation and our stakeholders – customers, funders, colleagues and business partners – by making sure we :

  • comply with legal and regulatory requirements
  • behave with honesty and integrity
  • are open and transparent
  • manage our risks effectively

We have signed up to the UK Corporate Governance Code which is used by most major businesses. This fits well with our flexible and entrepreneurial culture and suits the way we manage our business now, whilst supporting future growth and innovation.

At the heart of our governance is our Board whose role is primarily around making sure we:

  • have the right strategy and plans to deliver our social purpose. 
  • have the right leaders to deliver our plans and ambitions
  • turn those plans into effective action and performance

Our Board is made up of a mix of independent non—executive directors with a wide range of external expertise and our executive directors. It is supported by a range of specialist committees.