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One of the fundamental aims of our business strategy is to provide customers with the right home, one that meets their needs and is affordable, as we believe that this can be a springboard to help them achieve their aspirations.

The vast majority of our homes are energy efficient and of a high quality, however, when certain homes become vacant we may consider them for disposal. This can be because the home may require a large amount of work to bring it up to the standard we expect our homes to be in, or it may be in an unpopular location, or be situated a significant distance away from the other properties we own.  We also consider the energy efficiency of the home, how it’s performance could be improved, how affordable it is for our customers to live in and how a sale would affect local housing need before we decide to sell a property.

We do have an ongoing programme of sales, however, this only affects a small number of our homes and is comparatively low when compared to other housing associations. For example, during 2017/2018 we sold 216 homes and plan to sell a further 490 over the coming year. These sales allow us to invest in our customer service, make improvements to our existing homes and the development of brand new homes, of which last year we built 882 new homes.