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Look Again Kitchen

What do you see?

A dirty kitchen?
Look again.
Yes, the kitchen is messy; there are no cupboard doors and it looks dirty.
But why?

Your first thoughts may be that the person who lives here is lazy.
Look again…think a little deeper.
Could the person who lives here be suffering from poor mental health? Do they have mobility problems and are relying on others?
Do they need judging or would help, understanding and support be more beneficial?

Very rarely are things as they first seem and over the coming weeks we will be posting pictures that will hopefully encourage you to #LookAgain
Please get involved in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. Open your mind, look beyond the obvious and encourage others to do the same.
Watch out for the #LookAgain and please get involved.

By looking again we give people a chance.

Have we got you thinking? Come and have a look at how we help and if you feel that you could make a difference, you could even come and join us.