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Michelle's Story

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The Hub from Bromford Support is celebrating International Day of People with Disability on Tuesday 3rd December 2013.

Our service supports adults with Learning Disability to gain choice and control in their lives. At the Hub we focus on what makes each person unique, what is important to each individual, and help that person to achieve their goals in a way that works for them.

Michelle is one of our customers from the Hub in Stratford upon Avon and here she shares her story.

If you met Michelle today you would agree that she is an incredibly friendly, cheerful and outgoing woman. Michelle has learning disabilities and is 35 years old, spends a lot of time with her sister and her niece and nephew as well as her mother and father.

However Michelle has had a very tough year. Here’s what she had to say about it:

"I was working at BHS for fifteen years, part time. I would clean tables and speak to customers, help with their trays and bring food to them. In December 2012 I had an anxiety attack at work. I got very upset and was threatening to hurt myself. My dad had to come and get me from work.


"I had to go into supported living then for 6 weeks so that they could monitor me. I wanted to go home to my mum and dad, I was so sad. It was not an easy time for any of us!
Then I met Louise, my community nurse. She started taking me out to new places to build up my confidence. I felt so nervous, I didn’t like to go anywhere and I couldn’t do it on my own.


''In March 2013 Louise took me to the Stratford Hub for the first time. I was so scared because I didn’t know anybody. I felt like crying. I met Jessica but I didn’t say much because I was nervous.

"I started attending sessions like art and music. I started to like Jessica after I felt more comfortable at the hub, she makes me feel more relaxed. Louise would drive me to and from the hub and stay with me during sessions.


"As I got to know Jessica and made new friends my confidence grew. The hub makes me feel fantastic because its so safe. Louise started leaving me at the hub by myself. I didn’t mind! I looked forward to seeing my new friends every week! Eventually I felt brave enough to get the bus, on my own, to and from the hub.

"I also dance and sing in front of everyone at music now! Every new person I meet at the hub I try and make friends with because I know how it feels to be nervous.


"Jessica makes me feel so comfortable and happy. I’ve done so much at the hub since March. Music, art and dance are my favourites and I’ve also done literacy, computers, sign language, speaking up and cooking. I love learning new things and in a group with people the same as me, with disabilities,  I feel more happy because we are learning together.

"I feel a lot better now, I’ve improved so much and I’m proud of myself!
I’m hoping to go back to work in January.

Without the Hub I don’t know where I would be."