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Customer updates has been closed you may have been redirected here. If you're a Merlin customer and want to pay your rent or access SeeMyData head to the make a payment page, to report a repair submit the contact us form. 


Our brand new customer portal with a new easy-to-use design, it puts you firmly in control of your tenancy. It will allow you to access the things you need to, at the touch of a button.

Three reasons to use your new online account. Mobile mock up of payments account page of new customer portal. It shows the layout of the customer address, main account, sundry account, recharge account and where to click to make a payment.

  • pay your rent or make a payment anytime
  • request a repair from your smartphone or tablet
  • save time by managing your account on the go

Our new customer area will also boost your payment options and cut down wait times. You'll be able to make card payments on our secure payment page or through a new automated telephone payment line.

Keep checking back here for the latest information.