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We're here to inspire people to be the best they can be.

We believe that if we offer the right home and the right relationship every one of our customers can achieve more.


Together we're creating a new Bromford. 

Getting to know our new organisation

Over the past year we’ve brought three organisations, Bromford, Merlin and Severn Vale, together to form a new Bromford.

Following the merger with Severn Vale in January 2019, Bromford now provides services for 100,000 customers and delivers one of the largest housing association-led new homes programmes throughout the Midlands and south west, with a planned investment of £1.5bn in 14,000 new homes over the next decade.

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To find out more about where we've come from, the work we do with customers every day and to see how we're getting on, take a look at one of the links below: