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We take anti-social behaviour very seriously as we know it takes many forms and can affect your quality of life.
Report anti-social behaviour by completing the form below.

We have high expectations of all of our customers and will deal quickly and firmly with any issues, but we don’t get involved in tit for tat arguments.  We want you to get on with your neighbours and if needs be, make an effort to sort out any differences you may have with them – a calm and reasonable chat will often help sort things out – without the need to get others involved.

However, if you have tried this or you do not feel able to, please use the form below to tell us what is happening.

Our service will give you honest advice about what we can and can't do to put a stop to such behaviour.

What is anti-social behaviour?

Anti-social behaviour comes in many forms, it includes a wide range of unacceptable behaviour from everyday incidents such as noise nuisance to serious criminal acts. The types of behaviour that Bromford considers anti-social include (but not limited to):

  • Rowdy/nuisance behaviour;
  • Verbal abuse/harassment/intimidation/threatening behaviour;
  • Hate related incidents about the victims colour, race, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, faith or national origin;
  • Drug/substance misuse/drug dealing;
  • Alcohol related;
  • Physical violence;
  • Domestic violence;
  • Prostitution/sexual acts/kerb crawling;
  • Litter/rubbish/fly tipping
  • Pets and animal nuisance;

Tell us at once if you, or a neighbour, are suffering from any anti-social behaviour - which can range from rowdy behaviour or verbal abuse to violence and substance abuse.

You can report incidents by phone, by using the form below or in person by talking to your neighbourhood coach. Reported incidents will be dealt with promptly by your neighbourhood coach or a member of the Community Safety Team. All of them are trained to help.

Want to know more about anti-social behaviour? Find out what you can do, how we'll tackle it and where else you can get help in our anti-social behaviour policy.

What We Will Not Investigate

We will not investigate complaints about:

  • Actions which amount to no more than a customer going about their normal everyday activities e.g: complaints of children playing, people staring or complaints that are not a breach of the terms of tenancy.
  • Actions which amount to people not being pleasant to each other but that are not sufficiently serious to justify a landlord’s involvement e.g: people being inconsiderate or thoughtless where there is no breach of tenancy.
  • Complaints about other people having lifestyles that offend others, e.g: issues about differing ways of parenting, who people socialise with, how people dress, what they do in their own homes-unless the behaviour is a breach of tenancy.”

Community Triggers 

A Community Trigger is a new tool to help victims who have reported anti-social behaviour to the relevant authorities but still suffer as agencies either fail to explain what they are doing to tackle the anti-social behaviour or are in fact doing nothing. Take a look through this Community Trigger Directory and find information for your local area.

Complete the form below to report asb and click submit.