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Find A Home
Find a Home

With over 28,000 homes to rent or buy throughout central England, Bromford is a great place to find an affordable place to call home.

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Report A Repair
Report a repair

Whether you've got a leaky pipe or your heating is causing issues, let us know and we'll get you sorted in no time.

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Find Support
Find support

Life can be tough and sometimes everyone needs a helping hand. We are committed to working with people to get their lives back on track through a range of support services.

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How To
How-To Guides

Sometimes just a twist of a screwdriver could fix a loose fitting, or a couple of button presses might get your boiler going again. That's why we've put together a load of handy How-to guides to help make you a DIY master.  

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My Money
Help with your money

With the introduction of Universal Credit and a host of Welfare Reforms, as well as often having to balance the needs of your family, handling your money can be difficult. We've pulled together some guides on getting the best out of your finances, and thrown in some money-saving tips for good measure. 

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Helping people to be the very best they can be

Deal 2.0
The Bromford Deal working together to make things better

Being a Bromford customer is about more than just having a home and paying rent. The Bromford Community is all about helping customers to help themselves and each other.

To do that we need to build a great relationship with you - and at the heart of that relationship is The Bromford Deal. Helping people to be the very best that they can be.

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Social Value
Social Value

Our aim is to help every one of our customers to trully unlock their potential. By doing this, we create social value. For every £1 we invest, we create £8 in value for our customers, their communities and for UK society as a whole.

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Customer Annual Review

Every year we produce an annual report especially for customers, looking at our performance in the previous year and looking forward to the projects and ideas we're hoping to introduce soon.

This year's review is an interactive magazine, so to start turning the (digital) pages to read the feedback you've given us and how we're using it to develop Bromford as a social enterprise.

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Feedback 300X325
Give us your feedback

Please tell us what you think so that we can make improvements and deliver services that leave you wanting to recommend us to your friends.

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