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  • The Bromford Deal

    The Bromford Deal - Being a Bromford customer means much more than just having a home and paying rent. Discover More...

  • Business Pages

    Business with Bromford - In our business area you can learn all about our performance, structure and people as well as discovering much more about the work we do. Click Here...

  • Customer Area

    Bromford Customers – Looking for our old kitchen? To visit our old homepage / customer area and manage your home online simply click here.

  • Renting With Bromford

    Renting with Bromford - If you want to rent an affordable, great quality home, one of our 28,000 properties could be perfect! Discover More...

  • Buying With Bromford

    Buying with Bromford - Shared ownership is the flexible, affordable way to get onto the property ladder. Discover More...

  • Support Services From Bromford

    Support with Bromford - Sometimes everyone needs a helping hand. We work with people to get their lives on track via a range of support services. Discover More...

Renting with Bromford

With over 28,000 homes to rent throughout central England and industry leading performance, Bromford is a great place to find an affordable place to call home.

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Support with Bromford

Life can be tough and sometimes everyone needs a helping hand. We are committed to working with people to get their lives back on track through a range of support services.

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Buying with Bromford

Struggling to afford to buy your own home? Discover our range of flexible, affordable buying options that have been designed to get you onto the property ladder.

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Customer Area

Looking for our old homepage? Never fear, it's just a click away! The kitchen is now our dedicated customer area where you can set-up and access your Bromford Account, pay bills online and report or update any non-emergency repairs. Our customer area also features a wealth of helpful information.

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New Reception
Business Area

Our business area contains all of our corporate information: performance reports, annual accounts, executive profiles, and all the usual legal details. The area also contains real customer stories as well as information on issues such as payment by results, social impact (also known as 'social return on investment') and working in partnership.

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Helping people to be the very best they can be

The Bromford Deal Banner
The Bromford Deal working together to make things better

Being a Bromford customer is about more than just having a home and paying rent. The Bromford Community is all about helping customers to help themselves and each other.

To do that we need to build a great relationship with you - and at the heart of that relationship is The Bromford Deal. Helping people to be the very best that they can be.

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Changes to Benefits

The Welfare Reform Act 2013 features alterations to the benefit system which include changes that could affect the amount of money you receive and how you receive it. For all the information about the reforms to the welfare system and how it could affect you, visit our Welfare Reform Act 2013 pages.

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Customer Annual Review

Every year we produce an annual report especially for customers, looking at our performance in the previous year and looking forward to the projects and ideas we're hoping to introduce soon.

This year's review is an interactive magazine, so to start turning the (digital) pages to read the feedback you've given us and how we're using it to develop Bromford as a social enterprise.

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Give us your feedback

Please tell us what you think so that we can make improvements and deliver services that leave you wanting to recommend us to your friends.

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