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The Customer & Communities Influence Network is a team of eight customers who influence customer-facing strategies and policies at a strategic level.

It is chaired by Board member Oke Eleazu and is supported by contributions from senior staff including Paul Coates, executive director of customer experience.

The Customer and Communities Influence Network will maintain strong links to the Board to challenge the business, ensuring we’re delivering what we say we will as well as offering value for money.


Calling all customers!

Customers get involved for many reasons, the most common reasons include: 

  • Holding us to account.
  • Embracing and promoting the values of social housing.
  • Learning new skills through doing and training.
  • Gaining new experiences, meeting new people and keeping your mind and body active.

If you're interested in getting involved, just fill out the form below and we'll be in touch.

We will never share your details as guided by the Data Protection Act.

Latest CCIN updates

CCIN contributes to homelessness discussion - 25 June 2019

How Bromford can help tackle homelessness was the main subject for discussion at the Customer and Communities Influence Network meeting in June.

Bromford is committed to playing its part in reducing homelessness by investing time and resources to address the crisis and its root causes. Staff are currently gathering ideas and information on what the company's strategy should look like and wanted to ask members of the CCIN for their feedback and ideas.

The discussion was engaging and customers made some valid points which director of strategy John Wade said he will take on board when developing Bromford’s strategy to address this goal. The key points made by customers included: Bromford needs to make sure that its letting policy and eviction policy are not contributing to the problem in the first place; the spectrum of people affected by homelessness is wide, from sofa surfers to young people, and the housing association should choose and target its contribution or it will fail to make an impact; what role must neighbourhood coaches play in supporting customers at risk of losing their home. CCIN members are keen to be kept updated on next steps and be given other opportunities to feedback as ideas develop.

It was the first time three Board members were given the opportunity to attend a CCIN meeting in order to meet the customers, observe the meeting and discuss future engagement with the group. It was agreed that in October 2019 CCIN members will be meeting with all Board members. The aim is to ensure that the links between CCIN and the Board are kept tight and active. Board members said that they are particularly interested to hear CCIN customers' views and stories on how they believe Bromford is best helping customers to thrive.

CCIN reviews new Complaints Policy - 25 February 2019

Members of Customer and Community Influence Network have given their feedback on Bromford’s new complaints policy.

At the group’s February meeting, executive director of customer experience Paul Coates summarised the policy. The aim of the policy is to deal with all formal complaints at stage 1 so things can be put right for customers as soon as possible. If a complaint escalates to stage 2 there will not be a formal panel, but will instead be a reviewed by a senior member of staff and an involved customer who will provide a customer’s perspective and help resolve the issue.

CCIN member Carol Moore said she felt this would be better for customers as attending a panel can make people feel like they are being put on the spot. Head of Locality Matt Buckham said from his experience this works really well.

The CCIN gave their approval to the policy which will now go to Bromford’s Board for approval in March.