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How to repressurise a boiler

Is your heating system not working? You may need to repressurise your boiler. This video will take you through the process step-by-step.


*How to repressurise a boiler*

*For Health and Safety in this video are designed to help you. If you do not feel confident or able to complete the repair safely, please seek further help and advice.  If you’re a Bromford customer, feel free to call 0330 1234 034*

“Hi, my name’s Mark from Bromford and in this short video I’m going to show you how to repressurise your boiler."

"Our most popular boilers at the moment are Vaillant ecotech pro 28, which we are upgrading to in nearly all of our properties."

"If your boiler loses pressure on the front of your boiler on the little LCD screen you will have a fault code flash up F22."

"Underneath your boiler you will find two little black taps attached to a filling loop. Open one of the black taps slowly and then open the other one slowly as well. You will hear water running into your boiler."

"On the screen there are two ways of doing it. There’s a little solid line. As long as the solid line rises above the dotted line your boiler will fire and the fault code will clear. Also, you can press any one of these four buttons and you will get a blue back screen. If you push the button underneath the radiator symbol twice it will show you the pressure in figures. Again, when you open the black tap you will see the figures increasing."

"Once you get to about 1.5 bar turn the tap off. It’s important that you turn both taps off because if you leave them open even slightly, your boiler will go to over-pressure.”

*If you have followed these steps and you still have a fault or if you’re unsure, please contact us: 0330 1234 034. Facebook: Twitter: @Bromfordhelp*