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How to re-fix a door strip

First things first when re-fixing a door strip in your home. If your home flooring is carpet or wood, it will require a different style door strip so be sure to get the right type. Fixing them down is straightforward but we’ve made a step-by-step video to help you fit your door strip perfectly!


*How to re-fix a door strip*

*For Health and Safety in this video are designed to HELP YOU. If you do not feel confident or able to complete the repair safely, please seek further help and advice.  If you’re a Bromford customer, feel free to call 0330 1234 034*

“Today, I’m going to show you how to re-fix or replace a floor covering strip within your property. First thing you need to do is remove it. Now this one is screwed down like the majority of them are. Take off these screws, like so.”

“So once you’ve taken out the screws, you’ll need to take up the carpet strip like so. Now when purchasing your new floor covering strip, you’ll need to get one that is appropriate for the type of floor coverings in your property. Now you can get these strips from any local hardware store. Your local hardware store will be able to advise you on what type of strip you need for which floor coverings you have.”

“Once you’ve got the strip, to fit it the best thing to do is to follow the instructions that come with the floor covering strip. This one, however, is simply screw down so I’m going to screw it back down.”

“If you do find that your floor covering strip is lose, or needs re-fitting, like I said before, there are different ways of how they are fitted. Some of them are just stuck down with adhesive, some of them are screwed down, and if they are screwed down, it’s just a simple case of tightening the screws up. If they are stuck down, it is just a case of sticking them back down on the floor.”

*If you have followed these steps and you still have a fault or if you’re unsure, please contact us: 0330 1234 034. Facebook: Twitter: @Bromfordhelp*