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How to clean a shower head

Cleaning your shower head doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow our step-by-step video, and have some descaler to hand, so you don’t have to replace your shower head!


*How to clean a shower head *

*For Health and Safety in this video are designed to HELP YOU. If you do not feel confident or able to complete the repair safely, please seek further help and advice. *

“Right, I’m here today to show you how to clean out your shower head. Right, first things first, you take the shower head off from the hose. It should just be hand tight, and should just screw straight off.”

“Now, you have a little rubber washer in there – make sure you don’t lose that. Otherwise, if you lose that and put your shower head back on, it’s just going to leak everywhere.”

“Just leave that there, like so. Usually, when you get these shower heads they come with a shower head key and they just slot into the slots there, and you turn it anti-clockwise and it will come straight off. But we haven’t got the shower key, so what we’re going to use is a pair of long-nose pliersand what we’re going to do is put it into the slots there, being careful, and unscrew it like so.”

“Be careful doing this, as you don’t want to lose any bits coming out. It comes off like so. Inside, you have three rubber rings – they’re seals. Different shower heads have different amounts of seals in. Make sure you don’t lose don’t lose them and make sure you keep an eye on where they go, because if they do come off you will have to put them back in the right place.”

“That also comes off, and also you might find that you have scale all in here. That, you can just rinse out in the sink – give it a good rinse out and sometimes, I let it soak in some de-scaler which you can get from any local store.”

“The main one is this one here, which comes out. You’ll find all the holes in there will get clogged up with limescale. Now, how I get rid of them is to either get a pin (if you’re using a pin, be very careful), or use a hair clip, just something small enough to fit down there, poke it all through, and give it a rinse out. You can also soak that in an anti-limescale solution, the same as you do with that.”

“Once you give it a rinse out, and cleaned it all out, you need to put it all together. Now this can be a little bit fiddly. On this one, you have different points which go on there, and they have a bigger point on there which goes on there – it can only go on the one way, you see. You’ve just got to line it up. Here you are, that’s in.”

“Then what we do, making sure our last seals are in place – screw that back in, like so. We’re going to get our pliers and just nip it up.”

“We’re done, now we need to reattach it to the hose and test it, obviously making sure the seal’s back in. Just screw it up, it only needs to be hand tight and the jobs a good’en.”