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How to replace a fuse in a fuse spur

Are you wondering how to change a fuse in a fuse spur? The first, and most important, step is to switch off the power at the mains power switch. If you don’t know how to do this, watch our video which will take you through every part of fuse replacement.


*How to replace a fuse in a fuse spur*

*For Health and Safety in this video are designed to HELP YOU. If you do not feel confident or able to complete the repair safely, please seek further help and advice.  If you’re a Bromford customer, feel free to call 0330 1234 034*

“You alright? I’m here today to show you how to change a fuse in a spur with your property. The spur will look something like this and the first thing you need to do is turn your electricity off.”

“To turn your electric off, you’ll need to find your fuse board. All the fuses on your fuse board are labelled. Now the spur we’re turning off is downstairs, so we’ll need to turn the downstairs sockets off. Just flip the switch down, and your electric will be turned off.”

“Once you’ve switched your electric back, you’ll need to return to your spur. Next to the switch, you’ll have a fuse cover – it’s always labelled ‘fuse’. You’ll need to get yourself a little flat head screwdriver, put it in the slot and just prise it open gently.”

“Once it open, you just need to poke the fuse out, and it will come out like so. Now make sure the fuse you’re replacing is the same amperage as the one you took out. Once you get your new fuse, just place it back in and just shut it t, and that’s it!”

“Once you’ve done that, you’ll have the turn the electric back on. To turn your electric back on, you’ll have to go back to your fuse board, and the fuse you switched off just flick it back up – and your electrics back on to the sockets you turned off.”

*If you have followed these steps and you still have a fault or if you’re unsure, please contact us: 0330 1234 034. Facebook: Twitter: @Bromfordhelp*