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Our open approach

Part of Bromford’s DNA is about being good. Although this is reflected in lots of ways, one of the key areas is the open approach we aim to take around the delivery, investment and performance of our services.

There’s lots of information throughout this website about this, but on this page you’ll find more about our legal structure, committees, key regulators and contacts. We’ve also published a link to all our customer policies and details of the data we publish.

In this section you'll also find our legal structure, committees and key regulators and contacts.

We have recently started a programme of regeneration and disposals to ensure we're providing the right homes for our customers. You can find more info on this below. 


View our policies:




You can also view more information about:

  • Bromford receives funding from the Homes and Communities Agency to build homes - they require us to publish details every quarter of all expenditure of £500 and above incurred in delivering the HCA-funded schemes:

    View the HCA scheme costing data to June 2016

  • Executive Directors

    • Philippa Jones's salary is £176,750 pa
    • Lee Gibson's salary is £151,500 pa
    • Nick Cummins's salary is £135,544.56 pa

    Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) and Committee Members

    • The Chair is paid £22,000 per annum
    • The Vice-Chair is paid £12,000 per annum
    • NEDs are paid £10,000 per annum
    • Committee Members are paid £2,000 per annum
  • Our policy is to get best Value for Money and Social Value through our procurement of goods, services and works, which is usually best achieved by encouraging fair and open competition amongst suppliers.

    The process used to award contracts varies in detail, depending on the value and risk of the proposed contract.  The greater the contract value or risk, the more rigour we apply before contract award. Contracts below £25,000 are considered to be low value, however, best value for money still needs to be demonstrated.

    For contracts above £25,000 our procurement is undertaken in accordance with Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and other relevant legislation.  Key features of our approach include the following, applied as appropriate depending on the particular circumstances of any individual purchase:

    • Proposed purchase may be advertised on one or more of the Housing Procurement Portal, the Government’s Contracts Finder website and the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU);
    • The capability of suppliers to meet our needs is assessed;
    • Competitive bids are obtained by quotations or, for contracts above £100k, by tenders;
    • Procuring through the Housing Procurement Portal ensures a secure, transparent and auditable process.
    • Best value for money needs to be demonstrated and
    • Social value opportunities are considered and pursued where possible.