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What we do

Our purpose is to inspire people to be the best they can be.


Our focus is on building relationships with customers as individuals. We engage in meaningful conversations, build trusting relationships and profile customer needs in order to offer tailored services which help customers feel more in control of their money, their tenancies and their future.

Our coaching based housing management service offers a different, more pro-active approach to customer service - asking the right questions, and really listening to the answers, in order to appreciate each customer’s personal circumstances, concerns and motivations and help build their confidence, skills and knowledge.

If you would like to find out more about what we do, take a look at the links below:

The right home for every customer

We want to ensure that each of our customers has the right home: one that meets their needs, which they can afford and that can be a springboard from which to achieve their aspirations. See how we're delivering these homes by taking a look through the links below:


This video 'Owning our future' was created by the National Housing Federation and shows how all housing associations are united by a single purpose - to ensure everyone in the country can live in a quality home that they can afford.