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Existing customers

If you're looking to move to a different home, here is what you need to do before you bid.

If you receive support and you're looking to move into a new home, speak to your support worker. They can help you plan what you need to do to move home.

  • We believe that everybody has potential. Choosing Bromford means you're committing to a deal; we know this won't suit everyone. But if you are willing to unlock your potential, we'll help you get where you want to be.

    3 steps to the Deal

    1. What is it that you want to achieve over the next few months?

    2. Together we'll agree what you are going to do and what can we do to help you achieve it?

    3. We'll regularly check in with you to see how you are getting on...

    You will be asked to sign up to the Bromford Deal. Find out more about the Deal here. mahere

  • Before we would consider you for another Bromford home you must have maintained all of your tenancy conditions with us.

    This means that you have no rent arrears or other housing debt, no anti-social behaviour, and we should have no concerns regarding gaining access to your home to visit you.

    It is not acceptable to pay off debt just to get the keys to a Bromford home. This does not demonstrate the commitment we look for in our customers.

    If you're leaving Bromford and have breached your tenancy conditions, we will tell your new landlord when they ask us for a reference. 

  • We will expect the home to be left in a good condition. This means clean, tidy, free from rubbish, in a good decorative condition and with no repairs outstanding.

    If your home is not left in good condition we will take court action to recover the costs. We will make sure that the local authority who manages the choice based lettings scheme is aware of this as well as your new landlord. This record of tenancy breach may prevent you from applying for social housing in the future.

  • We will visit you to:

    • Inspect your home
    • If there are repairs that you need to do, you will expected to do these very quickly. Often with less than a week's notice.
    • If you're not signed up to the Deal we will talk to you about the Deal and ask you to demonstrate to us how you will meet these expectations.
    • We may feel that you're not ready to move. We will talk to you where we have any concerns.
    • If you're leaving Bromford, we will agree on what you need to do before you leave.

    If you are not available to let us visit you we will have to move onto the next applicant.

  • We will carry out a financial assessment which may take up to an hour, either over the phone or in one of our offices. This will help us to understand the level of money advice and support you may require.

    Before you bid, you need to make sure you have enough money saved. You will need to provide a month's rent in advance, cover the cost for removals and any furniture you need.

    A typical month's rent is around £450-500 and removal costs could be around £250-300. 

    You will need to have these funds saved before you bid.

  • You need to make sure you apply for the right home that suits your needs and is in an area you want to live in. You will need to read the advert carefully before you bid. Sometimes you will need to have a connection to the area and have evidence to show this. 

  • If you need an adaptation to be carried out, such as a walk in shower or stair lift to be fitted, you need to make sure you have applied for the funds and there is a commitment to make them available should you find a home that needs an adaptation.

    It is important you bid on properties that are suitable and have the relevant conversations with those helping to fund any alterations in advance for you placing a bid. 


  • If you bid on a Bromford home, you will need to produce identification so we can refresh our data. Anyone who is over 18 and living in your home will need to provide identification. 

    You may be required to give us evidence of your housing need where it is necessary to verify your band if you have applied to us from a choice based lettings scheme that does not do these checks at registration.

  • You will be expected to be available to let potential customers view your home before you move out.

  • Bromford aim to let homes quickly so you will need to be prepared to move very quickly. If you're serious about moving then start thinking about packing and what you are taking and disposing of. We will not be able to give you time to sort these things out. We expect people to move quickly. 

Once you have read the above and have everything prepared, you can bid for another Bromford home. To find out how to apply, visit the website of the Choice Based Lettings scheme in your area of choice. Visit the rent a home search to find a Choice Based Lettings Scheme.