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Your home improvements

On this page you will find:

  • When you do and don’t need permission
  • Why we refuse permission
  • Links to our FAQ’s
  • Link to our alteration form.

We all want to make our home personal to us. Firstly, here is a guide of what you can and cannot carry out to your property:

    • Changes to walls, doors and windows
    • Replacement or major works to kitchen, bathroom, WC or heating and hot water systems
    • Installation of solar panels
    • Dropped kerb / off road parking
    • Property extensions and loft extensions / boarding
    • Conservatories, porches, garages and carports
    • Large sheds (bigger than 10x8')
    • Electrical works - additional sockets, showers, internal or external lighting etc
    • Fitting of a gas cooker where the supply is not already available
    • Installation of telephone or cable services (conditions will apply if breaching a fire compartment e.g. wall between a communal area and flat)
    • Fixing of aerials or standard size satellite dish to flats, and/or houses in a conservation area or on listed buildings
    • Fixing of large aerials or satellite dishes
    • Alterations to water supply pipes and drainage
    • Any works affecting a party wall or boundary
    • Conversion or sub dividing of any existing rooms
    • Erecting Fences. We need to know which boundary is in question (front, rear or back) and which property is adjacent to the boundary (which side is the fence on). We will also need the full address and postcode for this property. Please provide as much supporting information as possible to help us process your application quickly
    • This list is not exhaustive.

    Important: Some properties may contain asbestos. This should not be a concern unless the area it is housed in is in poor condition or if it is disturbed. If you are planning on making any alterations or think you may have asbestos in your property, please call the Contact Team on 0330 1234034.

    • Fitting of a water meter
    • Small scale gardening works (as long as no electrical or plumbing works are involved)
    • Small garden sheds (less than 10x8') within the property boundary and with no water/power supply
    • Changing light fittings
    • Decoration or internal soft furnishings such as curtains/blinds
    • Carpeting
    • Laminate flooring (except in flats above ground floor to prevent noise transfer)
    • Fitting of white goods where services are already available
    • Fixing of aerials or standard size satellite dish to most houses unless local planning restrictions apply
    • Changing of internal doors or ironmongery (conditions may apply in flats and houses with integral garages due to fire legislation)
    • Fitting of house numerals

      Please note: Where laminate flooring fitted at your request has to be removed to gain access to services by a Bromford appointed contractor, we will not be responsible for re-fitting.
    • If you have a starter tenancy, you won't be given permission to carry out an improvement or alteration on your home within the first year of this tenancy.
    • Please note: These do not apply if you are a shared owner or live in a Bromford supported scheme. If you're a shared owner, please see the link at the bottom of this page. If you live in a Bromford supported scheme, please speak to your scheme manager for more details.

    If you need to find out which tenancy you're on, see the different ways you can contact us.

  • You may need other permissions from the local authority, such as planning permission or building regulations approval.

    Also, if the work is to gas, electrical or water services, you will need to follow the relevant rules, appoint competent professionals and provide certificates to show that the work complies with regulations.

    You will be responsible for obtaining planning permission for any work you wish to carry out if this is required.

    If you are in doubt, check with the local planning office through your local authority.

    For more information on obtaining planning permission and to find your local authority, find out here.

  • We may refuse to give permission for some improvements they are:

    • Subject to 3rd party arrangements levied against the property
    • Out of keeping with the rest of the property or surroundings
    • Likely to make the property difficult to let in the future.
    • Permission will be valid for 12 months.
    • We will write with our decision within 28 days of receiving all the information we need from you.

    Please do not start work before you have our written permission. Are you a shared owner? To find out more about alterations to your home, click here.

Now you know what you need permission for, before you put in a request please click the 'next' button below to find out the commonly asked questions.