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When housing manager, Karen Langley met Lindsey last summer it was clear that she wasn’t ready to take on the responsibility of managing a tenancy with Bromford.

Lindsey was struggling financially - she had numerous debts and was finding it hard to keep her head above water. She had applied to live in one of our properties in Lichfield but during the home interview it was obvious that if we allowed her to move in, we would be setting her up to fail.

Karen said: “It was hard because Lindsey and her daughter really wanted to move in but it would have been irresponsible of me to let them. We chatted about her situation and I explained that she needed to get on top of her finances before she could be considered for a property. She understood that things needed to change.” 

A year later and things have certainly changed. Lindsey is now living in a Bromford home with Karen as her housing manager.

“Being told that I wouldn’t be able to move by Karen was really tough to take but looking back it was probably the best thing to happen to me,” Lindsey said. “After our chat I was determined to get myself sorted out so I changed my job, paid off some of my debts and managed to change my payment plans on the others which helped me manage my money much better.”

The realisation that she needed to deal with her debt is only half of it as Karen explained when I chatted to her: “Lindsey has totally turned herself around. Her mind set has completely changed. She is entitled to claim part housing benefit to help with her rent but while she was waiting for her claim to be processed, she managed to pay her rent in full and now that her benefits are in place she continues to overpay. She has never defaulted and has no arrears - in fact she’s managed to build up a bit of credit. Not only does she manage her money better now, Lindsey also takes great pride in her home. There's a communal area where she lives and she's painted the boundary fencing and store cupboard doors - she's even bought some pebbles to help tidy the area up”

Lindsey said: “I love being in credit. It’s great knowing that everything is under control and even better knowing that I’ve done it all myself. It was tough being refused a property but it made me realise that I just wasn’t ready. I am now though!”


It's great to see Lindsey doing so well - here's another example of how someone has taken control of their life. Adam is setting up his own business after enduring constant rejections when seeking work - read his story here...

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