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Packing for university

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The time has come for your little ones to fly the nest and go off to university (well, on and off for 3 years that is). Moving away from home to university can be an exciting and daunting prospect. The first stage is packing up what they need. There is a lot of stuff they need to live life away from home.

Save the hassle and use our guide to see what you need to get ready to pack for university...

The Ultimate List

Can't get your head around the long list of items your child needs to take away? The Student Room have the ultimate guide of what you need to buy.

Check it out here

Managing your money

You need to be more money savvy now that you're at university. You will need to spend more on just food and nights out. We have a host of money management guides from money saving tips and budget planners on our website.

Find out how you can save here.


Don't have the room to carry any cookbooks? Or do you want to impress your new flatmates with more than just beans on toast (although that is yummy!). Student Recipes have a guide on what to cook from basics to advanced chef.

Cook up a treat here

Home comforts

Going to university might be an exciting adventure, but there will be times when you miss home. Take some things from home that reminds you of your family and surroundings. Pictures, cushions or little objects from your room. When you have long nights of writing essays, the little things can help you through it.

Where to buy your essentials

Many supermarkets will now be displaying their ‘uni pack’ with everyday household items available at a cheaper price.

Also look around at your other high street stores. Ikea and Wilko to name a few. Some items can be found cheaper online. Look at Amazon or supermarket online retailers.

How about when you want to watch TV?

Well you have two options; you can pay for a TV licence which costs you around £150 a year. But, as you’re a student, you may be able to get a refund for the 3 months you won’t be at university. Find out more here.

Otherwise, rather than watch live TV, catch up on it. Catch up TV such as BBC IPlayer doesn’t require a TV licence to watch. So if you can wait a day for your favourite program avoid social media (Hard, we know!) then you can watch what happens for no cost.

Ready to pack?

Now that you have your essentials, it's time to pack. But where can you find an empty box, let along more than one? let you order boxes online. Just make sure you pack rather than building a fort out of them.

Start packing here.

Need bigger items?

Looking for bigger items such as appliances or furniture? Look to find it cheaper online via Ebay or Gumtree. Or if you’re lucky enough you could get it for free using Freecycle.

Need a lift to university?

Do you have a lot of luggage to take up? See if you can get a car share. Find out if anyone else from your school or college are going to the same university and see if you can share a lift.

Or, use the following website’s to bag yourself a lift. You will need to pay a fee for the drive. Try LiftShareUK or blablacar.

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