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Monday morning blues?

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Anyone who has ever been out of work will tell you that it can be a soul destroying experience. Being unemployed knocks your confidence and can lead to social isolation and, in some cases, to a deterioration of mental health.

The Prince’s Trust state that forty per cent of jobless young people have faced symptoms of mental illness as a result of being out of work. But it’s not just young people who suffer. Studies have shown that those who are unemployed are at a higher risk of developing mental health problems as well as increased risk of poverty, poor housing and low educational attainment within the family.

With the news from the Office for National Statistics this month that there were 283,000 more people in work during the first quarter of 2014 - an increase of 722,000 from 12 months ago the plight of those looking for a job seems to be easing slightly.

Although the figures show less people out of work, the reality for many is that they are struggling to find a job. Sending off countless application forms without so much of a ‘no thank you’ from employers can be demoralising.  A scatter-gun approach to searching for that ideal job often leads to individuals putting in lots of effort, but not necessarily focusing those efforts effectively and a poorly written CV can prevent even the perfect candidate from being called for that all important job interview.

It’s not just those who are out of work who are unhappy – how many people do you know that get that ‘Sunday night’ feeling? Dreading going to work in a job that you don’t enjoy can be just damaging to our wellbeing as being unemployed. Sometimes we just need to know that there is a different way of doing things – that we do have a choice and a certain amount of power over our happiness.

Without a little help and guidance, looking for work (or a change of career) can become a real chore. The increase of work clubs in local communities is helping to give people the support and knowledge that they need to enable them the best chance to achieve their own personal goals.

Taking time to think about the dos and don’ts when searching for work is key to making your quest for work as effective as possible. Take a look at these dos and don’ts and you may soon find yourself in a position where you are preparing for a job interview.

By following just a few golden rules when completing a job application you could give yourself a better chance of standing out from the crowd and getting in front of your potential employers.

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